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by nahum35
2021-01-29 18:24
Community: Tips, Tricks and Tech Help
Topic: ET4 Pro Y-Axis "Stuttering" (Wheel Bearing Issue?)
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ET4 Pro Y-Axis "Stuttering" (Wheel Bearing Issue?)

Dear Informed Users, Recently received an ET4 Pro and frequently during bed leveling, the motor would loudly jolt (sometimes about a second or so). This is my first printer, so I initially thought it was related to my setup, but I quintuple checked the assembly and the multiple youtube assembly and ...
by nahum35
2021-01-28 18:32
Community: Mods&Upgrades
Topic: Firmware link ET4 Pro wrong
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Re: Firmware link ET4 Pro wrong

Edit: I have located the issue after reviewing some other forums with similar issues (mostly of the ET4's not being able to read the microSD cards). It appears the Samsung EVO card I purchased at the same time is also not recognized. I had to use another card which ultimately the ET4 Pro can read mo...