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Introduction We attach great importance to the protection of user’s personal information. While you are using our services, we may collect and use your relevant information. We wish to explicitly inform you how we collect, utilize, store and share information, and how we provide you to visit, update, control and protect the information in our services through this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is related to services you may use in Anet, so we hope that you read it carefully and make the most proper choice according to this Privacy Policy when necessary. For your understanding, we will explain the relevant technical vocabularies in this Privacy Policy as clear as possible.

When you use, or continue to use our services, you are agreeing us to collect, utilize, store and share your information according to this Privacy Policy.

Information We May Collect from You While we providing our services, we may collect, store and use following information relevant to you. If you refuse to provide corresponding information, you may not be allowed to become our user, and enjoy some services we offer. Or even if we can continue to provide you some services, they may not as perfect as expected.

Information You Providing Us The personal information you provide to us while registering our account or utilizing our services (e.g. phone number, email address, and bank card No.); l Information you shared to other parties through our services, and information you stored while using our services.

Other Parties Sharing Your Information Information you shared that provided by other parties while using our services.

Information We Collect From You We may collect following information while you using our services : “Log Data” is technical information that is automatically collected by us when you use our services, whether through the use of cookies, web beacon or otherwise, including: Device or software information, including configuration information made available by your mobile devices, web browsers or other programs you use to access our services, your IP address and version and identification number of your mobile devices; Information about what you have searched for and looked at while using our services, such as web search terms used, social media profiles or url addresses visited and details of other Information and content accessed or requested by you in using our services; Information about what APPs and other software you used and information of them; Information about communications you have made using our services, including the people you have communicated with and the time, data and duration of your communications; The metadata you have shared by using our services, such as the date, time or location that a shared photograph or video was taken or posted. “Location Data” is information that we collect regarding your location while you using our location-related services and you have enable location services in your device, including: The geographic location information we collect through GPS or WiFi when you use our services in location-enabled devices; Real-time information made available by you or others that gives an indication as to where you are or have been located, such as account information that indicates where you are located and Shared Information you or others post indicating your location, such as any geotag information that is embedded in any photos you make available to us; You are able to stop our collection of your geographic location information through disabling location function in your device.

How We May Use Information We may use your Information for any of the following purposes: To provide our services to you; For identification, customer services, security, fraud-detection, archival and backup purposes in connection with the provision of our services; To help us develop our new services and improve our existing services; To better understand how you access and use our services, for the purposes of trying to improve our services and to respond to customer desires and preferences, including language and location customization, personalized help and instructions, or other responses to your and other customers’ usage of our services; To provide you with advertising (as discussed in more detail under the “Advertising” section below); To assess the effectiveness of and improve advertising and other marketing and promotional activities on or in connection with our services; For the purposes of software verification or administering software upgrades; To allow you to participate in surveys and other activities about our products and services. For the purposes of seeking a better experience for our users, to improve our services or otherwise where you have consented, on the premise of obeying relevant laws and regulations, we may apply information we collected through one of our services to our other services as an aggregated or individualized manner. For example, the information we collected during your use of one of our services may be used to provide particular contents, or to present information related to you and recommended privately for you. If we offer corresponding options in relevant services, you may also authorize us to apply the information this service provides and stores to other services. How You Visit and Control Your Personal Information We will adopt appropriate technical means to guarantee that you are able to visit, update and correct your registration information or other personal information you provided in using our services. We may require your identity authentication while you visiting, updating, correcting and deleting your personal information to guarantee the safety of your account.

Information We May Share Without your consent, we and our affiliates will only share your information with the third parties under the following circumstances: We and our affiliates may share your personal information with our affiliates, trusted partners and the third party service providers, contractors and agencies (e.g. communication service providers who send emails or notifications, and map service providers who offer location data) (they may not in your legal area), for following purposes: Provide our services for you; Achieve the goals in “How We May Use Information”; Performance our duties and execute our rights in Anet License and Service Agreement and this Privacy Policy; Understand, maintain, and improve our services; When we or our affiliates share your information with any above third parties, we assume the obligation of keeping third parties obeying this Privacy Policy and other proper security measures while they using your personal information. Along with our business development, we and our affiliates may proceed transactions, including merging, acquisition, asset transferring or similar actions. Your personal information may be transferred as part of transactions. We will notify you before transferring. We or our affiliates may reserve, store or disclose your personal information under following circumstances: Obey applicable laws and regulations; Obey court orders or stipulations of other legal procedures; Obey requests of relevant governmental agencies; The rational and obligatory purposes to obey applicable laws and regulations, protect social and public interests, or to protect personal security, property security and legal rights of us or our affiliates, our customers, other users or our employees.

Information Security We merely reserve your personal information during necessary periods of realizing the goals in this Privacy Policy and time limits of laws and regulations. We will utilize various of security techniques and programs to prevent information from losing, misusing, unauthorized reading or disclosing. For example, in some services, we will utilize encrypted techniques (such as SSL) to protect your personal information. But please understand and acknowledge that in virtue of limitation of techniques and possible malicious methods in Internet industry, we are not able to guarantee the 100Anet Communityecurity of information constantly. You need to be aware of that problems may happen after you accessing our service system and communication Internet because of uncontrollable situations.

Information You Shared Our multiple services enable you to share your personal information not only with your social network, but also with every user who is using this services. For example, the information you upload or publish in our services (including your explicit personal information, and lists you created), your responses to information uploaded or published by others, and relevant location data and log data hidden in the information. Other users who are using our services may also share information related to you (including location data and log data). Particularly, our social media service is specially designed for you to share information with users in worldwide areas to realize real-time sharing and extensive spreading functions. If you do not delete shared information, it may remain in public areas. Even if you delete shared information, relevant information may still be cached, duplicated or stored by other users or non-associative third parties independently, or saved in public areas by other users or third parties. Therefore, please consider cautiously about information you upload, publish and communicate through our services. Under some circumstances, you may control scope of users who have rights to browse your shared information through privacy settings of our services. If you request us to delete your relevant information from our services, please operate through the method provided in special terms.

Sensitive Personal Information You Shared Certain personal information, such as information about your race or ethnic origin, religion, personal health and medical information is characterized as “sensitive” personal information. Comparing to other information, sensitive personal information will receive stricter protection. Please note that information that you provide, upload or publish in our services (such as photographs or information about your social activities) may reveal your sensitive personal information. You need to consider cautiously whether it is appropriate to reveal your sensitive personal information while using our services.

You are agreeing to deal with your sensitive personal information through objectives and methods in this Privacy Policy.

How We May Collect Information We or our affiliates, if any, may collect and use your information and store it as log information through cookies and web beacons. We use our own cookies and web beacons for the purpose of providing you with more personalized user experience and service, and also the purposes as follows: Remembering you. For example, cookies, web beacons can help us identify you as a registered user of our services or keep the preferences or information that you have previously provided; Analyzing how you use our services. We can use cookies, web beacons to understand what you are doing on our services, or which pages or sections are most popular; Improving advertising. Cookies, web beacons help us provide you with advertising that we believe are relevant to you, based on your Information We use our cookies, web beacons for these purposes, but may make certain aggregated non-personal information obtained through these technologies available to advertisers and other partners to analyze how you and others use our services and to serve advertising. We also allow advertisers and other partners to place their own cookies, web beacons into some of our services to collect non-personal information and to analyze how these services are used and to serve advertising. These third party cookies, web beacons are subject to the relevant third party’s own privacy policies and not our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for third party cookies or web beacons. Your browser may enable you to block or manage cookies or web beacons. However, please remember that if you do so, we may not be able to provide you with the optimal experience through our services and some of our services may not function properly. At the same time, you will still receive the same amount of advertisements, but these advertisements are less relevant to you.

Emails and Messages Emails and notifications When you use our services, we may use your information to send you emails, newsletters and notifications to your device. If you don’t want to receive these messages, you can follow relevant instructions to unsubscribe in your device. Service-related announcements We may send you service-related announcements when necessary (e.g. when we temporarily suspend one of our services for maintenance). You may not opt-out of these service-related announcements, which are not promotional in nature.

Exception of Privacy Policy Our services may include, or they may link you to, social media or other services (including websites) provided by a third party. For example: You may be able to share contents on our services, or logging on our services through the third parties. The third parties who provide such services may be able to collect your Information and personal information (including your log data), and may set cookies on your computer to function properly; These third party social media or other services may be operated by relevant third parties or us. Your use of social media services or other services of these third parties (including any personal information you provide to such third parties), are subject to the relevant third party’s own terms of services and privacy policies (not the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy), so please review their terms carefully. This Privacy Policy only applies to any information collected by us, does not apply to any services offered by or information rules of any third parties. We assume no liability for any third party use of any information provided by you to them.

How Juveniles Use Our Service We encourage that juveniles under 18 utilize our service under the instructions from parents or guardians. If you are a juvenile, we suggest that you invite your parents or guardian to read this Privacy Policy. Please make sure to provide us with information after asking the approval of guardians.

Scope of This Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy applies across all of our services except specific services. Such services are applicable for specific privacy policies. The service-specified privacy policies will inform you how we use your information in more detail. Such service-specified privacy policies are components of this Privacy Policy. If any service-specific privacy guidance says something different from this Privacy Policy, the service-specific privacy guidance will apply to the extent of the difference. Except for extra stipulations of this Privacy Policy, all vocabularies in this Privacy Policy share the same meanings with all defined words in Anet License and Service Agreement. Please be aware of that, this Privacy Policy does not apply to following circumstances: Information collected by third party services (including any third party websites) accessing through our services; Information collected by other companies and institutes providing advertising services through our services.

Alteration We may revise terms in this Privacy Policy timely and these amendments are components of this Privacy Policy. If such amendments reduce your rights in this Privacy Policy, we will notify you via reminders in a conspicuous place on homepage, sending you emails or other means prior to the changes becoming effective. By continuing to use our services after any changes to this Privacy Policy, you are agreeing to the revised Privacy Policy.

Others Conclusion, effectiveness, execution, and interpretation of this Privacy Policy and settlement of disputes under this Privacy Policy are all governed by the laws of P.R. China. If any dispute arises in connection with Anet, you and we shall try to settle through amicable negotiation. Where negotiation fails, you agree to submit it to Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration to solve it through arbitration. All titles of terms in this Privacy Policy are only for the convenience to read and have no actual meanings. They can not be used as foundations to explain this Privacy Policy. If any term of this Privacy Policy is deemed as void, invalid or unenforceable, the effectiveness and enforceability of any other terms will not be affected.