PTFE Cutting Tool 45° 60° 90°

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This is a PTFE cutting tool for several extruders out there. It is designed for PTFE tube that needs an external chamfers on their end (side that goes into the heatbreak) but it can cut flat on both sides as well. The chamfer is easy to make thanks to a 3 steps execution and a slightly angled blade. It is also a safe tool for your finger.

Source files (Fusion 360 and STEP) available if you like to customize the length.

I made a
dedicated guide
on how to use it and what material is needed.

Chamfer angles
With these tools you can cut create an outside chamfer of 60° and 45° or cut it flat on both sides.

Prusa specification
explains that the end of the PTFE must be at 60°. However, some prefer to use a 45° angle because it is closer to what is inside the heatbreak.

E3D specifies that the PTFE tube needs to be cut flat on both sides, without any outside or inside chamfers. You can do this by skipping #1 and #2 to only cut the length with #3.

Available length
39mm: Bondtech Prusa Upgrade MK2(S), MK2.5(S) and MK3(S) extruder.1
44.2mm: Original Prusa MK2.5S and MK3S extruder.
50mm: Original Prusa MK2(S), MK2.5 and MK3 extruder. Bear MK2.5(S) and MK3(S) extruder.
Note1: Bondtech has created a tool to cut the length once the PTFE tube is inserted inside the hotend.

Box cutter with a blade thickness of approximately 0.4 mm.
60° countersink. They can have different shapes, check our guide for more details.
PTFE tube of at least 100mm.
How to use it
Read the guide on how to use this tool here:
Trim PTFE Tube Guide

Print Settings
Filament type: PLA or PETG
Layer height: 0.20mm
Infill: 20%
Perimeters: 3-4
Support : No
Brim : No
Detect thin walls : No
Some inspiration for my tool comes from the
Vecko Kojchevski's PTFE Cutting Jig 45° / 60°

GPLv3 license

Permissions: Commercial use, Modification, Distribution, Patent use, Private use.
Limitations: Liability, Warranty.
Conditions: License and copyright notice, State changes, Disclose source, Same license.

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