Elegoo Mars Build Plate Angled Holder

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Mars Onboard Build Plate Dripper

While I like the idea of the Mars supplied device for leaning your build plate while dripping clean, it takes two hands and you need a place to keep it when out of service.

So I made this!

this file is free to you, I only ask that you post your photos if you make one, on thingiverse!

It mounts to your Mars build plate body, does not obstruct and it leaves it always in place, so when done printing, just unscrew top knob, remove and slide back at angled position.

I printed on the Mars with the orientation and supports like in the photos.

I also printed on an FDM with great results.

You will need 2@ M4 x 8 or 10 mm length cap screws,
and 2@ M4 nuts
here's a handy set (affiliate link):

Update V5- excuse my various updates, I am taking down others, V5 should be the winner!
I took comments from many great contributors and improved the bracket, it is now farther to the right so it clears the vat holder of the silver and orange model too. the bracket of the hanger is now thicker and more robust, there is more tolerance in the barrel so if your print shrinks you should easily still be able to fit it. enjoy!

If you remix it please and its 50% or more like my original, please leave my logo on the product out of respect. Thanks

I have uploaded my Chitubox file with supports if that helps anyone mars_head-psd_V5.chitubox, also my sliced file _mars_head-psd_V5.cbddlp(for mars with my resins, you may have to adjust for other resins)

This is a free file to you, I only ask that if you love this please let me know and post your make!

Created by psdesign in https://www.thingiverse.com

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