COVID-19 MASK Coronavirus - Cotton Pads, 5 Sizes, Easy-To-Print, No Support

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V1 - 20 - 25 grams weight
V2 - 18 - 23 grams weight
V1.2 - 20 - 25 grams weight
Designed for 60mm cotton round pads
Without supports
Very simple print 2-3 hours for 1 mask

Approximate sizes
103mm x 97mm - Child
108mm x 102mm - Adult ... - 50 kg
107mm x 114mm - Adult 50 - 70 kg
112mm x 118mm - Adult 70 - 90 kg
116mm x 123mm - Adult 90 - 100 kg
120mm x 128mm - If you want to use a rubber seal
124mm x 132mm - If you want to use a rubber seal

Print options
Layer 0.1 - 0.15
Speed ... - 40mm/s
If the cap does not attach to the mask, place the edge of the cotton pad under the cap

31.03.2020 - V1 design is ready
02.04.2020 - A design with a honeycomb grid is now available, more air passes through it than through a grid in the form of lines and a grid in the form of squares
04.04.2020 - V2 design is ready. It has even less weight and 4 gum mounts
05.04.2020 - I redid V1 design. Now only the honey grid design is available, because it is the best air permeable. I will add 2 more sizes for V1 120x128 and 124x132 - there will be 7 sizes for any shape of the head
10.04.2020 - Enlarged walls V2 for greater durability
12.04.2020 - I made V1.2 in which the gum mounts are more durable, and the height of the filter hole is increased so that the grate is more firmly fixed. So far, only one version 1.2 version is ready, in the near future there will be more.

Good afternoon, so that the grating does not fall out, turn it over so that the side on which it was lying on the printing table is on top, then gently press the perimeter on the edges of the grate, it will fit tightly into the mask. I printed more than 50 masks, I have no such problem.
I printed 6 popular mask models from this site, and not one of them I liked so much that I printed it for my family, neighbors and friends. And I decided to combine the design of several successful masks to make my design. The most important thing is that you can change the filters inside it, for this you do not need to touch the mask from the outside, it also has 5 different sizes - from a child to a large adult, it is very light - only 20-25 grams , this saves material and makes wearing more comfortable; it is designed for round cotton pads."

You can support

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