Dremel circle and linear grooving jig

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This is a dremel router jig to cut circular patterns with rotary tools. There a three guides that mount on round sliding rods, one for linear grooves with the referencce guide at the level of the working plane, one for circular cuts and one for linear grooves with reference guide lower that the working plane ( for corners).
The circular grooves jig has a minimum radius of the dimensions of the router base. To make smaller circle cuts, there are radial holes in the corners of the base that allow to cut circles with a minimum radius like the middle hole radius, with intervals of 2.5mm.
For linear cuts or grooves with the guide at working plane level the minimum distance of the cut from the guide is the actual width of the base.
For the corner reference guide, there is no minimum, it is aligned with the cutting tool.
There are 4mm holes near the corners that can be used to install two bearings to cut grooves in the exact middle of planks of maximum 100mm width.
For the router base and support, parts needed are as
For the guides, I used 8mm round aluminum tubes, 2 for each jig, long as your preference. To fix the rods in the guides, just some CA glue will do the job, then 6 hex screws M4x30 with relative wingnuts will be needed for the clamping plates.
Increase screw length if you make the base thicker than default measures.
If you prefer, you can add handles to the side, in which case 4 3x15mm tapping screws are needed.

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