Sun Earth Moon Orrery

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I have always been fascinated by astronomy ever since I was a kid. The motions of celestial bodies orbiting around each other were often shown with orreries in ancient times.

This is my first attempt at designing a basic orrery with the sun, earth and moon. Too keep things simple the earth completes a full orbit around the sun for every 360 turns of the crank and the moon takes 30 rotations of the crank to orbit around the earth. I will be refining my design in a future version which will hopefully show the orbits of more planets with greater accuracy.

Printing and assembling the orrery should be very straight forward. Please refer to the included exploded drawings for the assembly.

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Ultimaker 3

Doesn't Matter






Some parts are printed with supports. These include the Stand, Lower Frame and the Lunar Frame.

Created by LarkysPrints in

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