Mini-ITX PC case...

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[Update 2019-07-01]

Don't print this as of now, at least with PLA
After some days of usage I've noticed the spine parts and/or assembly are not sturdy enough. The combined weight and dissipated heat from the components (around 250 W under load) seem to be deforming the spine in a visible way, so you would be risking all kinds of unfortunate events if the components came to touch each other or the assembly screws. I'm currently in the process of reworking these parts and will post the modifications as soon as possible. I will try to not modify anything apart from the spine parts. In the meantime, I'm also marking this thing as work in progress.

[Original post 2019-06-26]

... or as I call it 'A lamprea' (galician for 'The Lamprey')

This is heavily based on the sleek, gorgeous
Louqe Ghost
Mini-ITX PC case. I was looking for something even more compact so with the invaluable help from
I began this remix. In brief, the PSU was rotated so its fan points forward and this alone makes the case around 45 mm shorter. Some other details had to be tweaked to make it printable on a small sized single extruder 3D printer like the Creality Ender 3 at my office. I think the final result resembles an 8-bit retro lamprey.

Dimensions are 276(L)x140(W)x184(H) mm, so overall volume is just a little over 7 litres, BUT:

The maximum graphics card length is around 175 mm.
There's no space for SATA HDDs, you'll have to make do with M.2 drives only.
My components for this build:

Biostar X470GTN motherboard.
Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 570 graphics card.
EZDIY-FAB ES2-250 PCI-e x16 riser cable (250 mm length).
16 mm panel mount momentary push button with LED.
This particular choice of components influenced some design details so if you plan on building with different components there are things you should take into account:

If your motherboard's M.2 slot is located on the bottom side check its position against the window on the middle spine part.
If you plan to use another PCI-e riser cable the mount for the end connector will most likely need customization of the front and back spine parts.
Any SFX (non -L) PSU should fit but my advice is to use a fully modular one for easier cable management. There might be some space below the graphics card, check the pics.
The power button should not exceed 37 mm length. Otherwise the cables will get in the way when assembling the front of the case.
That's it. I don't expect almost anyone to like it, but I hope some of you will find it useful.

Designed with Trimble SketchUp Make 2017. Source .skp files included.

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Creality Ender 3



Bq, SmartFil


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