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Nozzle Torque Wrench

Posted: 2020-08-12 20:19
by AnetLau

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Nozzle Torque Wrench
This wrench will not allow to break the thread when screwing the nozzle to the heating block. I met other developments on this subject, and even for a long time I used one of them. But as always, something in him did not suit me, I created my own version.

I made the rotor in four options for stiffness for different types of plastic.
Parts links below:
Wrench Head
Socket Adapter 25mm
Magnet 9x5 mm
Links to used tools:
Mini Wireless Grinder
Polishers Buffers Abrasive
Dremel Tools
NOGA deburring tool and Blades
AB Glue Epoxy (for magnet)
Super Glue 502
E8000 Strong Liquid Glue

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