Retractable Purge Mechanism, for MultiColor 3D printing, Replaces purge blocks & wipe towers

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Now supports Mosaic Canvas!!!

During MultiColor 3D printing the default way of purging the old color during transition between colors is to use a purge block or wipe tower. The main problems with purge blocks are that they must be printed on every layer even if there are no color changes, and they take up space on the print bed.

We’ve designed a new Retractable Purge Mechanism. It mounts to the side of your 3D printer and works with any slicer (i.e. PrusaSlicer, Mosaic Canvas, Slic3r (PE), Simplify3D, SimplyColor3D, Cura, etc.) to reduce waste and decrease purge time. With our retractable purge mechanism, material is only purged when a color change happens which mean fewer purges and faster prints. The retractable arm allows it to work on printers where the nozzle cannot reach past the edge of the print plate. The Retractable Purge Mechanism turns color transition purge into little blobs and shoots them into a waste bin.

Here is a normal speed video of a real life RPM actuating during a print.
Here is a marketing video that explains what the RPM does in an overly simplistic and cartoony way.
Some of the parts needed are difficult to find (like the tension springs), or dangerous to prepare (like the tack and washer), or tough to make (like the 2x47mm kapton tape). And buying each part individually is much more expensive, especially considering separate shipping or gas to drive between stores. For these reasons we've made a hardware 'kit' available on our web site here:
Buy a Retractable Purge Mechanism Hardware kit from BigBrain3D.

The kit will save you time (source all the parts from 1 place) and money (includes only what you need), so please consider buying the kit from us to help support ongoing development, or even just tipping us if you think this 'thing' was useful.

We have set the license for this as Non-Commercial and allowed remixes because we want users to be able remix for their own printers.

Supported 3D printers:
Most printers will work with the Retractable Purge Mechanism but may also require some modification by the user to mount them. Check the remixes section for available adapters.
-The Original Prusa i3 MK3S (The kit is a straight bolt-on)
-The Original Prusa i3 MK2/2S/3 (requires a user printed adapter)
-Mk3 Bear (requires a user printed adapter)
-MK3 with Skelestruder (requires a user printed adapter)
-MK3 with BondTech (requires a user printed adapter)
-Creality CR-10 (requires a user printed adapter)
-Ender 3 (requires a user printed adapter)
-A10/A10M/A20M/A10T/A20T (requires user printed adapter)

All the Gcode and instructions have been moved here.
Thank you =D

Created by BigBrain3D in

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