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Motor issues with my A8

Posted: 2021-02-10 16:18
by Rokaq
I'm not exactly new on the entire 3D printing scheme, but some issue has gotten me some consistent headaches during the past 2 weeks, and I simply feel exhausted of searching through forums for anyone with similar issues, so I might as well just make my own post. I just purchased an Anet A8 printer with an Anet v1.5 board, a cheap printer I just wanted to tamper with and have on my desk for minor prints. However, after burning the bootloader, installing Anet 1.0 with Optiboot, dowloading the Anet A8 example config for Marlin and installing the firmware in the board, I went to test all motors individually only to find that they were all sort of messed up in one way or another. Allow me to ellaborate:
  • The X axis motor always starts at -30.00mms, and will never move further to the right than it was when the printer initially booted up. It will also completely ignore the endstops and attempt to move further.
  • Similarly, the Y axis starts at +10.00mms and will also reject going backwards from its position upon turning the printer on. It will also ignore endstops.
  • Moreover, both Z motors won't properly move, instead vibrating in place and making a lot of noise without really going anywhere. Wiring is fine, and they do move as expected upon being connected to the X or Y ports, but won't do so when connected to their own ports. No mechanical issues either, since both rods rotate easily when I do it manually with the printer turned off. This has been a consistent issue ever since I tried the printer for the first time.
  • Finally, the extruder motor won't move, vibrate, hum or even turn on at all. When commanded to move in any direction, it will remain inactive and silent.
I've spent probably dozens of hours setting this printer up, discovering how to properly burn a bootloader and doing all the previous steps, but this just escapes me. If anyone were to offer a solution or a hint as per why this happens, it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.