How to update my 3D printer? │ BIGTREETECH upgrade kit

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Thanks for the sharing by Youtuber @Planeta Voxel

In this video, he teach us how to update his Anet A8 3D Printer that is called as "The best 3D printer for beginners” by many users. It is a creativity for many people to use A8.

If your are interest in it, you could share the video with your friend. Thanks.

Voy a actualizar mi vieja impresora 3D Anet A8 y he comprado este kit de Bigtreetech. Si quieres aprender a actualizar la electrónica de tu impresora, te veo en el próximo directo.

Tarjeta SKR v1.3 + drivers TMC2208 + Pantalla táctil

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I like his video, it is good. And I really liked the kits. Your are so amazing, I already want to have the printer to test it
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Very useful tutorial, thanks for sharing, looking forward to new works
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mark it, maybe i will upgrade my printer in the future,thanks
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