LittleBots: LittleArm Big

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LittleBots: LittleArm Big

A few arms getting together (Source: Slant Concepts via Arduino)

Another educational model, the LittleArm Big was intended as a training tool for high school and college students in STEM classes.

This complex 3D printed servo robot arm was designed by Slant Robotics in 2017 and can reach up to 11.5 inches (~29 cm). It can also carry up to 0.25 pounds (~113 grams).

The arm is meant to be programmed and has the capability to be controlled from Bluetooth and Windows applications. If you have iOS, you’ll have to go from Python Code.

Of the less than 50 components of this robot, the 12 parts that aren’t servos and electronics (its controlled by an Arduino Nano) are 3D printed. The files for 3D printing can be found on the LittleBots website and cost $20. They’re all fully optimized and simple to print.

The makers claim you can assemble the Big in under two hours, but the six DOF arm may require more experience to build and tune.

Created By Kevin Schultz

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