Randy Sarafan: Simple 3D Printed Robot

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Randy Sarafan: Simple 3D Printed Robot

This quadro-ped robot uses pencils as legs (Source: randofo via Instructables)

When it comes to building things, Randy Sarafan is sort of a maker legend. He founded the Instructables Design Studio, has over 300 Instructables, and wrote the books Simple Bots, the classic 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer, and the forthcoming (October 2020) Robots for Kids.

His untitled 3D printed robot is fairly easy to print and assemble, plus it’s programmable and can walk. You just need a 3D printer, servos, an Arduino, a 9-volt battery, some nuts and bolts, and four pencils. He gives you detailed instructions of each step on the Instructable page.

Created By Kevin Schultz

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