ET4 Pro Y-Axis "Stuttering" (Wheel Bearing Issue?)

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Dear Informed Users,
Recently received an ET4 Pro and frequently during bed leveling, the motor would loudly jolt (sometimes about a second or so). This is my first printer, so I initially thought it was related to my setup, but I quintuple checked the assembly and the multiple youtube assembly and bed leveling videos, as well as these forums, youtube comments, reddit, drvax, all3dp, and many others for similar issues but so far could not find exactly the same issue. Just now, I realized that when my y-axis motor is unlocked and I move the bed manually, the bearing wheels seem to get slightly stuck every rotation. I can also see what looks like dust created by the wheel material around the same specific spots.
Is anyone familiar with this, and do I just get new wheel bearings? I just purchased some replacements from the Anet store (so I don't have to wait months for Support to get back to me), but I really don't want to RMA this back to Amazon after just getting it.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. All else fails, I will go with the Ender (ultimately I was using this as a platform to see if I would be interested to get another or ET5 Pro and/or a pricier Prusa).
Thank you so much for anyone that can help.

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This sounds very much like a warranty issue to me; it sounds like either your sprocket or the belt is out of spec. If the pitch of the belt doesn't exactly match the pitch of the sprocket, the belt will try to ride up on the sprocket, seriously straining the stepper motor and possibly breaking the belt. You might examine the sprocket closely to see if any crud is packed into one of the slots, though; if it is, you may be able to clean it out with a sharp craft knife (like an EXacto knife).
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