Tinkercad Tutorial: Easy Steps for Beginners——step 5

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5 Putting it All Together

In this Tinkercad tutorial, we have so far designed the individual parts of the wrench. Now it is time to put it all together. Exciting, isn’t it?


First, position the handle so that it goes a little bit into the body of the ring.

The handle should go just a little bit inside the ring.

Select the handle and the ring together and align it so that the handle aligns with the center of the ring. Now press the “Group” button. This should merge the handle and the ring into one continuous unit. Notice that the merged unit now has a single color instead of two colors.



The jaw is facing the wrong direction. We need to fix that by rotating it. To rotate the jaw, first select it. You will see that in addition to the white square handles from before, there are three curved handles with double arrows (marked in blue rectangles).

The rotation station.

These are the rotation handles. Use the X-Y plane rotation handle to rotate the jaw so that it faces the direction shown in the figure below.

The jaw should make a small angle to the handle.


Now let’s add the jaw to the previously merged unit. The procedure is more or less the same as what we used for adding the handle and the ring.

First, drag the jaw and position it so that the handle goes a little bit inside the body of the jaw. Select the jaw and the merged unit simultaneously and align them so that the handle aligns with the center of the jaw. Press the “Group” button to merge them.

A complete wrench on the workplane.

You should now have a complete wrench on the workplane. Isn’t that awesome?


You might want to change the color of the wrench because an orange wrench just doesn’t look right. A wrench should be gray, right?

We pick a dark gray for the wrench using the color menu.

To change the color, select the wrench and press the “Solid” button on the upper right corner panel (marked by the blue rectangle). You should see a selection of colors at this point. Let’s choose a dark gray.

And there you have it! A perfect wrench on the workplane!

Finish line: A beautiful gray wrench on the workplane.

You have just designed a beautiful gray 3D printable wrench. That’s no small feat. Also, you now also know enough about Tinkercad to design any other 3D printable model that your heart desires.

Created By All3DP

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