ET4x extremely loud

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Joined: 2020-10-25 15:03

I've been very happy with the prints from my ET4x, with being on a budget it was a good purchase. I am curious though, if I made some mistakes in assembly. Many videos and reviews of the ET4x mentioned how silent the steppers are, however mine is very can be heard printing several rooms away.

Before I purchase stepper motor dampers, is there another way that may help quiet the printing process? It's running stock firmware, 1.0.1, I'm aware that sometimes a firmware upgrade may help with this problem, or is it related to the mainboard's limitations? (not sure if this is the same board that the other ET4s use or not)


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Been using this 303 for a few months now without any issues, and recently started sampling myself as I play synthesizer. The synthesizer itself has a very noisy and grainy quality built into it, and on top of that Im usually running it through two different effects pedals prior to the 303s mic input.

I monitor the "peak" indicator pretty closely while recording these bits, but there are a few times during sampling and playback where it flashes. Despite this, I will sometimes throw the reverb onto the sample to see how it sounds. Lately, something will happen during playback where the sample stops and instead all I hear are extremely loud, grimy beeps, almost like an alarm sounding, with the peak light flashing to the pulse of the beeps.

Im thinking this is the 303s way of telling me that Im going way over the peak limit, stopping the sample altogether and signaling "this is way too loud". But it seems like a really weird way for a machine to do that... has this happened to anyone else?
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Hi Merlinus01,

unfortunately software changes won‘t do anything about your noise problem.
You would have to put in a mainboard with the silent drivers.
It‘s about $60, maybe less at Amazon.
Hope this helps

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