ET5 X and Cura problem

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Joined: 2020-11-03 17:39

I have a new ET5 X and am trying to use Cura to slice my files. Cura has a preset for the ET5 X, which I am using.

My problem is that any file I slice with Cura and try to print causes the print head so slew all the way to the right to the stops, then try to go beyond them. The tray moves all the way forward to the stops also. After about 30 seconds, the printer gives up and stops. Is there some setting I should be changing?

I know the printer itself is ok because the files that came on the SD card print out just fine.

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I am having the same problem when I use simplify3d
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Refromat your SD card. Even better, get a good SD card, format it (FAT32) and save your gcode on that. I know it seems unrelated, but it is a known issue and doing this works. I had the same problem, found this suggestion on the Facebook page and it absolutely fixed it. Good luck!
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bjr, sur cura il faut déplacer les pièces sur le plateau et sa fonctionne.
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ive got Same Problem. its a Joke this printer, wish I never bothered buying it.
will not work with other slicing and printing software, I cant stand Cura, I like Repetier Host and that normal prints faster and has more control. yet Cura is backwards lol

Junk printer and Junk leveling system, its no wonder they offered them so low in the black friday sale.
even the belt for the x axis pops out at the bearing end, its useless

Can you tell i dont like it. This ET5X make my old my Old HCMaker 7 look High end and that was rubbish, but worked out the box
and the amount of loose screw/bolts whatever you call them was a joke.
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