ET4 Pro and Pronterface Trbl.

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My ET4 Pro has problems with Pronterface. The X-axis works normally. Heating from the hotend and heating bed also works.
When controlling the Y and Z axes, Pronterface crashes, the error message is: "[ERROR] Can't write to printer (disconnected?) (SerialException): Write timeout". Then I have to restart the printer and Pronterface, and reconnect the USB cable.
Furthermore, the printer does not react to any M command entered via Pronterface (e.g. M501). The Pronterface terminal window only says "SENDING: M501", but nothing happens.
Operation on the printer and printing works normally.
I actually wanted to calibrate the extruder because it is conveying too much filament. But it doesn't work because it doesn't accept M commands.
I wanted to reload the firmware, but it is not available.
What firmware does the ET4 Pro use, Marlin?
What can I do?
Is the mainboard possibly defective?

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Well, if the mainboard is defective, then they all are...
Meaning mine is also behaving badly using the usb/serial interface.

The stock firmware is proprietary. It does not not nearly support all M-commands. Calibrating the extruder or saving settings to eeprom is not implemented or prohibited. If you want to calibrate, you have to do it in your slicer software.

So I tried using the open source Marlin version. Trying to compile the firmware myself wasn't very promising. I seem to be unable to configure it correctly for my ET4 Pro. The nozzle crashed several times into the bed while I was trying to calibrate the bed.

I realized then, that there is a Marlin firmeware compiled by Anet, which I flashed today. I Can say that it's better then the version I compiled. At least it is able to Auto Bed Level. The touch interface really is a mess. It is totally unprecise and you cannot really use it. Calibration doesn't help. The Back arrow almost never works.
The usb/serial still seems to be messed up. Octoprint keeps disconnecting due to timeouts.

So all in all I am dissatisfied with the Marlin firmware. I think I will go back to the stock firmware which I find the best solution at the moment - stil being unable to connect with anything...
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