How to Make Prints Stick on the Print Bed

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Have you ever got so mad that you almost give up at the very beginning? When the nozzle drags a very long filament to roam around on the platform or when a ball of filaments just even get thrown out of the platform? So, how to get filament tractable and stuck to platform firmly? Here are some useful approaches to get you out of these troubles.

Tips 1: Add Brim or Raft on Slicer

Now, most slicing software has developed some special functions that can automatically add to your model a large enough area of base plate adhered to the platform. For instance, in Cura there is an option called “Platform Adhesion Type” where you can select a brim or raft to print. And you can also find similar options in other software. Especially, if basal area of your model is too small to adhere to the platform, to use this function can well have you pull through.

Add brim on Cura

Tips 2: Use Glue on Platform

Beyond that, some blunt methods can also work effectively, such as using adhesive. Some common and popular glues are enough to satisfy your demand. And you could also use your hair spray. You can just glue a thin layer and the print will become similarly adhered to the platform.

Use Glue on Build Platform

Tips 3: Leveling is Important

If the both methods above don’t solve your trouble, you have to consider this basic question: is your platform still unleveled? Because you can never get a very even print in an unleveled platform. Careful leveling can actually decide whether the whole printing process will cause trouble or not.

leveling nut of Anet ET4 Pro

As to how to complete a perfect leveling you can refer to our product tutorials on our official YouTube channel. Finally, wish you guys print happily, bye!

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