Problem seting up to print ABS

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I have an Anet A2 that prints PLA just fine but I have a temperature setting problem when I try to switch to ABS. I have the slicer program (Cura 4.7.1), 'preheat' and 'settings' temperatures set to nozzle=240 and bed=65 but as soon as I start printing, the set temperatures drop to nozzle=200 and bed=50 and the print fails. Is there something else I should be doing to get the controller to hold the higher temperatures?

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Hmmm...! Doe this happen with every STL that you try to print through Cura? Try something small. If you know how to read any GCode, dig through the file to be sure that nothing is telling the temperatures to drop like that.

Meanwhile, doublecheck your Cura settings. It may be using one temperature for the first two or three layers, then a lower temperature for the rest; find that setting and change it as necessary.
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