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Anet A8+ Y axis inverted

Posted: 2020-12-31 4:49
by acmac
I just finished mounting my A8+ printer. When I launched the "auto home" function, the Y axis moved the wrong direction (away from the limit switch), and it did not stop.
I have version 1.6 of the firmware installed.
When checking on the internet, I found suggestions to make a gcode file with the commands M562 Y and M500, which I did but this did not change the problem.

Could anyone help me please ?
Happy new year for everyone.

Re: Anet A8+ Y axis inverted

Posted: 2021-01-26 14:57
by TDHofstetter
Sure. This is an easy one. You remember the two screws you used at the ends of the Y axis belt? You remember that there were two "extra" holes? Those aren't extra holes. Unscrew both screws, remove the belt, thread the belt through the OPPOSITE direction around the pulleys, and now use those same two screws in the OTHER pair of holes at the ends of the belt. Now your Y axis will move in the correct direction.