Why Anet ET4 is better than other 3D Printer?

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Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer is one of the best 3D printers I have ever seen. It is compact, elegant, high precision, and most importantly it is ultra-quiet!

Let me breakdown some key features of this most advanced machine:

The motor driver IC of ET4 Pro is upgraded to TMC2208, replacing A4988, 256 micro-step subdivision, ultra-quiet, low resonance, more delicate printing.


The TMC2208 is an ultra-silent motor driver IC for 2-phase stepper motors. TMC2208 ensures absolute quiet except for ball bearing noise, maximum efficiency, and motor torque. Its fast current regulation allows for highly dynamic motion, making it a popular motor driver IC for compatible design upgrades, 3D printers, office and home automation and many more applications.
Normally FDM 3D printer features like, color touchscreen, adjustable heatbed, TF card reading or all metal frames, etc. Here I will introduce the below important features of ET4 Pro:

1, (Auto Bed Leveling) ABL Sensor

25 points data collection, auto continuously self-calibrates, leveling is more accurate.
You will never have to struggle with bed leveling.


2, Auto Filament Detect

Automatic load and unload the filament with just a click.


3, Power Outage Recovery

Resume printing and recover from exactly where it left off. No worries about unexpected power outages.


Well, above are the major introduction of the ET4 Pro, it is super easy to setup since ET4 Pro comes as pre-assembled one, also known as modular installation, you can start printing immediately. A rigid metal frame can reduce body shaking during printing and improve print quality.

One more important thing for 3D printer users is, all ET4 series products are opened source! With the open source for firmware, we know our users can enjoy great more DIY funs!

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