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Best Free STL File Viewer Tools——Dimension Alley

Posted: 2020-07-12 22:39
by AnetLau

Dimension Alley is a “3D printing experience store and café” in Berlin, Germany. Besides offering workshops for all ages, 3D scanning services, and even 3D printing by the hour, they also have a free STL viewer online on their website. We have to admit, this 3D viewer doesn’t look like much, but it keeps true to its promise: You upload your 3D model, the tool simply and fast displays a 3D view. You can then can color, scale and even order it through the 3D online printing service in a limited variety of plastic materials.

Free STL Viewer Features: Dimension Alley

  • OS: Browser
  • Other File Formats: –

Visit: Dimension Alley

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