Official announcement! Anet ET4 3D printer firmware open source package is online

Talking About Open Source Of Anet 3D Printer
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Since the launch of the Anet 3D printer, it has been supported and loved by many users! With the continuous deepening of the recognition of 3D printer products in recent years, product update iterations can be said to be one of the enduring elements of each industry, and a good open source environment can bring unlimited possibilities for industry development. In response to the needs of the majority of enthusiasts, Anet official company has been continuously tackling key problems recently, and we have finally completed the development of firmware open source!


So, what does it mean to open 3D printer firmware?
Competent developers can follow the open source license to transform and re-develop the 3D printing system to meet the needs of use. For users who lack certain manufacturing conditions, the firmware open source package developed by Anet Technology for the majority of users and enthusiasts allows ordinary consumers to upgrade the firmware of existing products and complete the transformation of required functions. The open source of Anet official firmware depends on its continuous investment in scientific research in the industry, which not only allows more ordinary users to use "cutting edge" technological products, but also promotes the healthy development of the industry.

The application of 3D printing technology is becoming more and more extensive, and the prices of various consumables and printers are bound to show a downward trend. In the future, 3D printers are completely likely to become affordable and accessible equipment for every household, just like traditional printers. Let the tool helpers in daily life add more artifacts.


The advancement of science and technology promotes the development of society. On the way forward, we are well aware of the responsibilities and missions. In the future, Anet will continue to deepen the 3D printing business and provide customers with more diversified intelligent products and services. Technology is just about power, but also more friendly and accessible!

The firmware open source information of our Anet Et4 series 3D printer can be found in this link:

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