new Labist (ANET ET4) trying to kill itself

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I just got a new Labist, which is a rebranded Anet et4) and got everything set up, but it keeps trying to destroy itself. When homing or when trying to level (both auto and manual) the Z axis buries itself into the glass bed as I frantically shut everything down.

I've checked my connections and as far as I can tell nothing is plugged in incorrectly. I reached out to Labist, but their support appears to be a bit meh.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Videos I've watched show a red LED lighting up on top of the hotend whenever the sensor detects the bed so it knows not to go further. That happened once for me. Every other time it's pushing the throttles forward and aiming for the ground. I can understand the auto-leveling not working (it's a cheap 3d printer), but I can't even get manual leveling to work. It tries to home to a point that's apparently below the bed's actual location.

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i have the same problem
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first thing id check would be that the sensor for the z axis is working .... is it on the head or is it on the z axis? on the first et4 home was at the top of the mast not at the bottom the pro with the leveling sensors hom is at the bottom using the leveling sensor
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