How Anet Users Fight Against COVID-19

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The exponential increase of COVID-19 patients has caught people off guard. Shut-down factories, off-the-line bus and blocked borders in many countries are all reminding us of the seriousness of this pandemic. In the meantime, these rapidly-rising patients have also caused distress in hospitals, which are confronted with the very shortage of medical gear, beds, and first responders.

But do we really have nothing to do for help? For COVID-19 pneumonia is a respiratory epidemic, it appears to be that the only thing we can do is to keep a distance from the crowd (including our friends and relatives) and stay at home. So we just sit on the sofa with our TV on for the whole day? I guess your 3D printer would say no.

Here are some models, printed by our Anet users, that could be and some of which have been used for medical assistance and virus prevention. No matter what happened outside, with the 3D printers at hand, we won’t stay bored and idle about and always stay innovative.
Go into action guys!

Protective lenses
- Designed and Printed by an Anet A8 Plus User from Spain


“Protective lenses were designed and printed. Thanks to the technology of 3d printers, their performance is excellent and makes us very comfortable. Some are being printed and will be donated to Cantabrian Health Service since our health services and our health workers need all possible supplies to face this pandemic.”
- Ins @luka3dstudio

Air Filtration Mask
- Printed by an Anet ET4 user from Spain


“We at Lozury Tech invite health authorities to review and approve these 3D Printer masks. We want to support our Panamanians and invite all Makers to work together for the health of everyone in our Panama!”
- Ins @ lozurytech

Body Temperature Test Gun
- Printed by an Anet E16 user from Indonesia


Thanks for our Indonesia client 3D ZAIKU. He also engaged in sales promotion. Check it!

If you are in an urgent need of 3D printers and filament for these protective tools, whatever it is for self-protection or medical assistance, Anet is blazing a way in to pull you through.

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Stay at home, print as you can.

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