ANet A8 Plus bed overheating

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I just bought ANet A8 Plus. And faced bed overheating problem.
When I turn on printer the bed is heating non-stop no matter what I’m doing.

Some scenarios:
1.) Turn on printer -> Prepare -> Preheat PLA (PLC configuration is 50 C for bed and 200 C for head)
Result: Bed is heading 40..50…51..52…53…. and so on, non-stop. Head is reaching 200 C and keeping 200C
2.) Turn on printer -> Change “PLA Temperature settings” -> set Bed = 47, Head = 111. Then Prepare -> Preheat PLA
Result: Head = 111 and keeping it. Bed = increasing non-stop.

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance :)


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