ET4 + Motherboard on ET4

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Hello guys!

There was a power incident at my house, and I had to change the motherboard for my ANET ET4. So, I purchased the new card, specifying that I wanted the ET4 and not the ET4 + or PRO, only that the seller sent me wrong, arriving the card with ET + 1.0.0 Firmware.

So, I wanted help from you, because I can't put the Firmware of ANET ET4 1.1.5 via SD card, with Update Fail error.

What do you recommend me? The printer even turned on, and I loved the silence on the stepper motors, I would like it to be that silent.

I saw that there is Open Firmware, installing it via ST-LINK, will it work?

ANET, can you help me?

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